Pregnancy and Fitness


Every mum to be would like to experience a healthy pregnancy ,labour and ultimately a fast post natal recovery.The lifestyle habits you adapt during pregnancy are vital to you and your baby's overall health.

It has been scientifically proven that safe exercise routines during your pregnancy can improve circulation, help with weight control, retain muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness, help your self image and body awareness as well as aid you in post natal recovery. In fact mothers to be who exercise are much less likely to complain about fatique, varicose veins and joint swelling. 


I am a level 3 pre and post natal qualified PT. Having gone through pregnancy myself and having exercised safely throughout it I can assure you that I would be the perfect PT to guide you through your pregnancy. Every trimester is different and has a new set of physiological and biomechanical changes and challenges, so its crucial to change and adapt your routines as your pregnancy progresses and your body changes.


Exercising your pelvic floor (PF) muscles as well as transversus abdominis (TA) can speed up your post natal recovery. Other benefits of post natal exercise include but are not limited to :improved posture, increased local muscular endurance, increased stamina, increased energy as well as increased weight loss and improved body image. 


I have a vast knowledge in working with pre and post natal clients, so dont wait longer and - get in touch for your free consultation today!

I run Bodylicious Buggy & Mum Camps aimed directly at working or stay at home mums that are keen to get back into shape but find it hard to fine time or the right PT to help them with their post natal fitness journey.

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